Alternative AMP Integration

Alternative options for integrating our code on your AMP pages.

Using Google Tag Manager for AMP

If you are using Google Tag Manager's pre-built Chartbeat tag template for AMP, first fill out the Chartbeat tag configuration fields using the instructions in the previous article of this guide (UID, domain, etc). When you reach the Triggering configuration, add the following triggers:

Add a Timer trigger

  • Interval: 15 seconds

  • Limit: 7200 seconds

  • Enable the "Fire immediately when triggered" setting

  • Enable the trigger for "All Pages"

Add a Click trigger:

  • CSS Selector: a

  • Enable the trigger for "All Pages"

Here's what that looks like in the GTM interface:

Next steps

Having reviewed all of the previous articles in this guide, you're now ready to add our snippet to your AMP pages using our integration QA article (up next) to check your work for completeness.

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