Datastream Documentation

Get to know Datastream, Chartbeat's raw data pipeline.

🚀 Getting started with Datastream

Get started with the basics...

📚 New to Chartbeat? Add our tracking code

If you are ready to start using Datastream and your organization does not already use Chartbeat, the first step is to implement our web analytics code across all platforms where you publish content. Learn more here:
If your org is already set up with Chartbeat tracking across your sites, check out our ID Sync code instructions to enrich your Datastream feed with additional custom metadata from your site:

☁️ Configure your Destination

Read up on our required steps to begin receiving Datastream data in your cloud storage solution.

⚡️ Get started with your data

Check out our playbook guides to get started using your Datastream data — from your cloud storage bucket and into your data warehouse.

💬 Get Help

Questions? Problems? Need more info? Get in touch! We're glad to help.