Supported Conversion Flows

Customers planning to use our Conversion add-on should review the below information to determine whether or not Conversion is compatible with your conversion flow

Supported Conversion Flows

We support flows that start and end on the same root domain

We support flows that incorporate root and subdomains that report to the same Chartbeat dashboard. Please note this is only possible if you have not included Chartbeat's cookieDomain on your subdomains.

We support flows that start and end on subdomains

Unsupported Conversion Flows

We do not support flows that use the cookieDomain configuration on subdomains. See our cookieDomain documentation for more information

We do not support flows that span multiple domains without redirect: We cannot track the same user across different domains, see our Partially Supported Conversion Flows for more information.

We do not support sites using Chartbeat's Cookieless mode.

Partially Supported Conversion Flows

If you have a cross-domain flow such as a third-party payment system ensure that you implement a redirect page back to the domain where the Shown event was fired, and call your Complete event there. Do not fire any events on the third-party pages.

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