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Find documentation to integrate our user-friendly content analytics and optimization tools with ease.

📘 Set up Chartbeat tracking

Whether you are implementing Chartbeat tracking for the first time or simply adding Chartbeat to your latest new website, get started with our integration guide for standard websites:

Adding chartbeat.js to Your Site

If your teams will also make use of our Headline Testing tool for your website, check out our headline testing integration guide next:

Adding chartbeat_mab.js to Your Site

For all other integration guides, including Google AMP, mobile apps, and more, look through our site menu (left) or search this site using the search bar in the top right corner.

💡 Build with our APIs

Gather data from across Chartbeat's suite of tools with our APIs, and add our unique and comprehensive reader data to your internal tools. Your product team can also use our server-to-server connection to make new custom experiences for your readers, like recommendation engines or most-popular modules.

🍎 Learn about Chartbeat

The Chartbeat Help Center is your go-to resource for learning more about our metrics, tools, and how your teams can make the most of them. From metrics glossaries to product guides, sign-in troubleshooting and FAQs, you can find the answer to most any Chartbeat question there. Here's a list of some of our most viewed help articles to get you started:

🙋‍♀️ Get Help

Questions? Problems? Need more info? Get in touch! We're glad to help.

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