Basic Tracking

Required integration: Basic tracking

Chartbeat has tracking capabilities for the following platforms, currently included in the Datastream feed:

  • Standard websites

  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • Facebook Instant Articles

  • Native app

  • Apple News app

With the exception of Apple News, the other platforms listed above require that Chartbeat tracking code be integrated into your pages for each of those platforms so we can collect your visitor analytics data.

Existing customers of Chartbeat, new to Datastream, should already have completed tracking integrations for the above platforms. For customers new to Chartbeat, please refer to the following tracking integration guides within our Chartbeat documentation site:

To enable visitor interaction data in your Datastream feed from your Apple News channel in the Apple News iOS and desktop app, contact your Chartbeat Customer Success representative or Account Executive with the name of your active Apple News channel(s) and our team can work with the Apple News team to enable those feeds. No additional integration work is necessary for this platform.

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