What is Datastream?

When readers or customers engage with your site online, they create user interaction data. User interaction data includes information about activity happening on your site: site visits, content consumption, mobile app usage, page information, and more.

Datastream, Chartbeat’s raw data pipeline, offers real-time access to the user interaction data collected from all visitor interactions on a page.

With Datastream, you’ll have a detailed history of user-level interactions with your content, from the amount of pages someone viewed in a session, to how they engaged with the page, and how deep they scrolled through a particular article.

Unlike APIs, data does not need to be pulled to be accessed; instead, Chartbeat sets up and transfers this data to your warehouse, so you can use it as you wish and own it in perpetuity.

Why do data-driven businesses need Datastream?

User interaction data is relevant and important to any business, since it allows you to connect user interactions to company-wide goals. However, this data usually only exists behind a proprietary analytics dashboard showing aggregated user data, like totals and averages.

For the most part, you can export these aggregated data sets to combine with other data sources via APIs, but you won’t get the user-level intel needed to transform company strategies, build next-generation products and features, and personalize customer experiences at scale.

Datastream frees you from the resources, time, and money needed to build an in-house data collection system. Because Chartbeat already runs an analytics service for thousands of high-traffic sites around the world, we can offer our data pipeline at an accessible, volume-based price.

Building an in-house infrastructure to ingest user level data from your sites and apps can take anywhere from 6-12 months. With Datastream, this becomes possible in a matter of minutes.

What makes Datastream unique?

The data is yours.

Datastream delivers all your raw, unsampled data, straight to your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Services bucket. All interaction events from your users, sites, and apps are sent to you in real time, with second-by-second measurements.

Unique content metrics.

Datastream offers an exceptionally rich dataset of content consumption and engagement signals to combine with session-based metrics, including Engaged Time and Scroll Depth. Our distributed audience segments, including Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, and your own native app, are unmatched anywhere in the market.

Raw data for versatile use cases.

Raw event data (with one event per user interaction) enables the most granular level of analysis. With Datastream, every site event becomes an opportunity to analyze data and combine it with other sources to better understand your audience.

The market leader in audience analytics.

Chartbeat’s data collection stack has provided real-time and historical content analytics for the world’s top publishers and content creators for over a decade.

Convenient pricing.

Datastream pricing is affordable and straight-forward. Pay only for the volume you need, with no complicated pricing structures or hidden storage costs.

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