Google Cloud Storage

To set up your Datastream with Google Cloud Services (GCS) from Chartbeat, GCS must be configured to receive the exported data.

Once you have configured GCS to receive data, send the below information back to your account manager at Chartbeat.

  • Destination bucket name

  • Service Account HMAC key

The following document summarizes how to set up the necessary GCS access.

Create a GCS Bucket

Before a Datastream feed can be configured, Chartbeat needs a destination to send the data to. For this, you can create a GCS bucket where Chartbeat will send data, or use an existing bucket.

Create a Service Account

Chartbeat transfers data to GCS through credentials tied to a Service Account associated with the destination bucket’s Google Cloud Platform Project. Here are instructions to get started on creating and managing service accounts.

Generate an HMAC Key

Chartbeat authenticates requests to Cloud Storage for your Service Account through hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) keys. This will be the credential you send to your Chartbeat account manager to set up your Datastream feed.

To create an HMAC key associated with your Service Account, following these instructions.

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